Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hunter Montgomery & Jason Jue: Maximize Your Content #HUGSF14 Presentation

Hunter Montgomery, CMO at Higher Logic and Jason Jue CMO at Triblio presented at #HUGS14. The name of their presentation was:

  Maximize Your Content to Boost Membership

Here are 4 content marketing tips that they shared in more detail in their presentation. 

1) Keep premium content for your community members.
2) Repurpose your content
3) Use community sites or microsites to promote events
4) Use a Smart Content Hub to entice registrations and membership. Using a smart content hub allows you to place free content next to premium content in order to drive traffic to the premium content. You can also repurpose your company blog into a crowd sourced blog, you can inject multiple Calls to Action in the free content areas.

Below are other ways to use a Content Hub that were discussed in the presentation: 

  • Tailor existing content to the topics your audience is interested in today 
  • Boost existing channels with strong calls to action
  • Share the Content Hub across paid demand, email, website, sales, and social 
  • Repurpose content according to buyer stage and channel 
  • Dynamically serve content across corporate channels at the right time to increase conversion
hunter montgomery jason jue higher logic super forum 2014

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